Single channel telephone recorder(AR100)

Single channel telephone recorder

AR100 | SD Card Storage
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    ARTECH AR100 is the single channel telephone recorder for personal daily use. It is suitable for finance, trading agent or police station. AR100 is the portable standalone phone recorder, capable for playback and record voice directly with built-in speaker and mic. AR100 features with voice announcement to telephone line, so that the conversation will be legally recognized. AR100 is the best guarantee and assistant for both call party.

■SD memory card save

It is easy to change and carry at any time. Loop recording is not worried

There is not enough space on the SD memory card.

■Large recording capacity

Can support 32GSD memory card can record up to 2300 hours, work five days a week

Record 8 hours a day for one year.

■Digital recording takes longer and is more environmentally friendly

The AR100 uses a 2GSd card to record approximately 144 hours of recording, which is equivalent to the traditional

60 minutes of recording cassette 144 times

■The lightest and simplest, independent work without a computer

1.5" backlit screen 165g lightweight and portable,

no need The computer can record all day and play the recording.

Search for records.

■AGC automatic gain control

Automatic gain control AGC cut energy can be based on

Sound source power size and distance adjustment

Appropriate recording sound to ensure the best recording

■High power speaker

Using high-power speakers, let you

When listening to the recording of the recording,

The sound is clearer.

■Built-in high-sensitivity microphone

Built-in high-sensitivity microphone allows you to

Use the AR100 to record voice memos at any time.

Work life is more convenient.

■High-quality recording circuit loop design

Low noise, low attenuation, high sensitivity circuitDesign,

effective isolation loop noise,

provided Better phone recording quality,

high power Sound circuit design provides more comfort

The recording record plays back the sound quality.

■Multiple recording interfaces

There are a variety of recording interfaces, general external lines, analog extensions, digital extensions, environmental recording,

Conference recording, radio, radio, etc. can be rushed.

■Automatic/manual recording

Automatic or manual recording can be selected, automatic recording when calling, or

The call recording is saved by pressing the record button.

■Recording announcement

When calling, you can first tell the caller by the recording prompt voice of [This call will be recorded].