1-Line Computer Telephony Interface(AD130 )

1-Line Computer Telephony Interface

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    Although telecom system developed rapidly and progressing constantly, the phone is still the simplest and convenient way that people communicate with each other. In particular it comes to business, a lot of transaction details should be verified by telephone. In order to avoid forgetting, misunderstanding or dishonest, it is very important that the recording equipment is a must in some trades. So far, most similar recording devices used the pronunciation card with industry PC, special-purpose software, which causes large systematic capacity requirements and expenses, a few enterprises can accept it. For this reason, combined with computer and telephony integration technology, ARTECH is launching AD130 Single line telephone USB recorder, ARTECH AD130 provides a user friendly DEMO interface, AD130 hardware, DEMO source code & API to fully open SDK for software companies and system integrators. With powerful and flexible functionalities of AD130, it will be very helpful for the second development.

Records all inbound & outbound call details

. Real-time monitor while talking
. Live Line status display
. Telephone status display
. Record start, end time and talking duration
. Playback recorded voice files
. Contact directory management
. Comprehensive search conditions for querying database
. Incoming voicemail
. Remote voicemail retrieval
. Provide polarity reversal/timing for startup recording
. Security, Voicemail, Live Monitor, E-mail Reminder availability

Telephony Recording - A must-have for your business!
Many people misunderstand that a telephony recording system is a telephone tapping machine and put negative images on it. In fact, telephone recording is a method for improving service quality and for training purpose. By this mechanism of training, you may increase the conversation techniques between your customer representatives and customers. Therefore, it is a great tool for wining more of your customer satisfactions.

Target User:
.Telephone Shopping Transaction
. Real Estate Liaison
. Customer Service Center
. Banking & Financial Transactions
. Private Enterprise
. Credit Reference Agency
. SOHO Family Studio
. Security Employee Direct Line
. Call Center Solution
. Call Shop Billing
. Family User for Harassment Collection
. Commercial Transaction