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8-16 Channel voice logger (DR Series )

ARTECH DR Voice Logger

Exceeding Your Expectation

Economic solution for your start up

Stand-alone voice logger | Standard rack cabinet | 1.8” LCD |Recording Announcement | Answering machine
Various recording interfaces | Remote central management | Multi-level user authorization | Open source API for second development

ARTECH DR Voice Logger

Fully Stand Alone

Particularly designed for recording. No PC required. Easy installation and configuration. Configuration on DR itself

Powerful Network Management

Achieve to access / manage the voice loggers and live monitoring remotely.

Multi-functional Display

Easy Setting Display Status Self-checking & Alarm

Answering Machine

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Time Switch Send by Email

Various Recording Interface

Recording All on Same DR

User-friendly Client Software

ARTECH Blackbox Program>>

Central Management System

Centralized administration and backup | Multi-lever user authorization

VoIP Recording

In addition, DR supports SIP recording simultaneously

More Than Voice, There Is Data

DR is capable to generate the graphical report with CDR and send it to administrator by email

External System Integration

Open source API allows second-development with existed system
Police-civilian watch


  • 1.8”LCD
  • Answering machine
  • Call timeout disconnection
  • Encryption file format
  • Inbound Caller ID
  • RS232 SMDR supported
  • Call detail record
  • Multi-lever user authorization
  • Inbound call pop-up
  • Address book
  • Loop recording
  • Outbound call Caller ID
  • Live monitoring
  • Recording data statistics
  • Malfunction alert (sound, software and email)
  • Recording Announcement
  • White list
  • Recording section
  • Multi condition searching
  • Max talk time setting
  • USB for firmware upgrade
  • Caller ID dial back
  • Blacklist
  • Central administration and backup
  • Recording file export
  • Standard 19” rack
Multi-condition recording trigger (voltage, voice, manual, polarity reversal and continuous recording)

Superior Quality

The most important key for recording device is reliable quality

ARTECH always dedicates on designing and manufacturing the reliable telecommunication equipment. DR offers superior reliability based on

critical development field test and finished product inspection to ensure the long-lasting operation.

Authoritative National Certification

ARTECH voice loggers obtain compliance of telecom and safety regulations in most countries and regions around the world

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