standalone VoIP Recorder( AQS Series )

standalone VoIP Recorder

AQS Series | HDD/SD Card Storage
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    AQS Series
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    AQS Series is a standalone SIP recorder works with SIP trunk and analog line simultaneously. It is compatible with most SIP protocols. User can operate all the functions and configurations with built-in 5” touch screen. It also provides easy and professional PC client software for local LAN access. AQS allows remote control for administration by internet. New launched CMSsoftware features perfect solution on multi sites recording devices management.

■Fully Standalone 

World's most professional voice logger. Recorda nd playback on the device itself, no other PC required.

Expandable Capacity 

4 or 8 PS TN ports plus 1 to 32 VoIP channels, flexible combination.

Networking Feature 

Connect to the internet or intranet via RJ45 jack. Users can access to the loggers by PC locally or remotely.

Call Detail Recording 

AQS doesn't just record the conversation. It also records the detailof each call,

include call direction, time/date, duration, caller ID,

trunk number and extension number. This is very helpful for users

when they want to search a dedicated log

High Capacity Hard Disk Driver 

Each AQS comes with 500GB hard disk driver which can store long time voice conversation safely.

Centralized Management

The Vault software is capable of manage all Artech AK, AQ, AJBF and AQS series voice loggers centrally.

The administrator caneasily access to any devices with this software.

All the recording datas can be backup on one single server.

E-mail Notification 

Users can define the events which to be notified by email automatically, e.g. daily statistic report to the manager

Multi-level User Control 

The AQS can set multi level of users who can operate the device

Each level has different access authorization to the logger.

All operating log will be recorded

System Failure Alarm

AQS's in-built alarm monitors the system non-stop.

When any technical issue raised causes the system unable to record thecalls,

the alarm will generate audio alert till the system recovers

Multi Recording Interface 

AQS's recording interface includes PSTN trunk, analog extension

of PBX, radio system, microphone and digital phone handset.

All interface can be mixed on one single device

Live Call Monitoring (Not available on G729 format)

Administrator can listen to the live phone calls on the AQS device

or on the PC which runs BlackBox client software

Statistic Chart Report

The Blackbox client software generates various kinds of statistic chart report.

It helps the supervisor to monitor the efficiency of the telephone system

Auto Gain Control 

The sophisticated circuit design perfectly balance the volumeof both local and remote sides of the call.

Many loggers on the market got very soft volume from remote side