standalone VoIP Recorder( AQS Series )

System Diagram

Product Appearance

1 Power indicator
Steady red  
Blinking: Recording and save data 
2 USB for upgrade or temporary record storage 
3 SD card slot 4 RJ45 network port
5 3.5” audio output 6 SMDR input
7 SMDR data indicator
Blinking: read and write/Red: Idle
8 Power supply
HDD version DC19V 3.5A
SD card version DC12V 2A
9 Power switch 10 5” 800*480 touch screen

Product Specs

Item Specification
Channel  Max. 32 SIP channel
Display 5”TFT400*800 touch screen
Format ADPCM 32Kbps/S
Voice storage Per 1 GB for 70 hours
Max storage 1TB HDD(for 70,000 hours) ,64GB SD card (for 4,480 hours)
Default storage 8GB SD card (for 560 hours) / 500GB HDD(for 35,000 hours)
Frequency response 100Hz~3400Hz
S/N ratio >60dB
Signal-to-crosstalk ratio >70dB
Power Supply DC19V/3.42A
Rating operating current 1A
Max. current 1.5A
Rating power consumption 20W
Operating temperature 0℃ to 40℃
Operating Humidity 10% to 90 %
Network interface RJ-45
Dimension 25.2cm*17.6cm*4.6cm
Net weight 1.58kg


Model No. Channel Display Default storage
AQS Max. 32 SIP Channel Null 8G SD card
AQSL Max. 32 SIP Channel 5" touch screen 8G SD card
AQSLH Max. 32 SIP Channel 5" touch screen 500GB HDD