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Server Host(WC1)

Essential for Enterprises

ARTECH WC1 Central Management Server

Tools for centralized recording management



Central Back-up

The WC1 server supports remote backup of all ARTECH voice loggers. A single server can back-up up to 128 devices

Real-time Monitor

Monitors the status of any channel on any registered device and listens to conversations in real time

Recording Statistics

Conditional search and statistics the records i.e device, date and time, and call category.

Web Log in

The administrator can use any computer's browser to login. No software, particular PC or OS required.

Multi-Level Permission

Setup the permission to user account for specified devices and operation. System log will record all account behaviors


  • English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese interface
  • SDK for integration
  • Search record
  • Online firmware upgrade
  • WEB operation
  • Max. 1500 devices supported
  • Device collection
  • Remote configuration of parameters
  • Equipment registration
  • Multi-level user permission
  • Record collection
  • Real-time monitor
  • OEM available
  • Channel status
  • Record statistics
  • System log

Authoritative National Certification

ARTECH voice loggers obtain compliance of telecom and safety regulations in most countries and regions around the world

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