Single channel telephone recorder(AR120)

Single channel telephone recorder

AR120 | SD Card Storage
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    ARTECH AR120 is the single channel telephone recorder with answering machine for personal daily use. It is suitable for finance, trading agent or police station. Further to all AR100 functions, AR120 features with answering machine. As long as the function is activated, the caller may leave message to AR120. It supports message remote playing, remote enable/disable answering machine, pickup the call during answering machine processing, greeting recording, all messages/latest message playing.


■SD memory card save

It is convenient to change and carry at any time, and the loop recording is not worried.

Insufficient space on SD memory card

■Large recording capacity

Can support 32GSD memory card can record up to 2300 hours, work five days a week

Record 8 hours a day for one year.

■Digital recording takes longer and is more environmentally friendly

DUET uses a 2GSD card to record about 144 hours of recording, which is equivalent to the traditional

144 times the 60-minute recording cassette

■The lightest and simplest independent work without a computer

1,5" backlit screen 165g light and portable without need

The computer can record all day and play the recording.

Search for records.

■AGC automatic gain control

Automatic gain control AGC function can be based on

Sound source power size and distance adjustment

Appropriate recording sound to ensure the best recording effect

■High power speaker

High power speaker design allows you to Listen to the recording record playback

The sound is clearer

■Built-in high-sensitivity microphone

Built-in high-sensitivity microphone. Let you

Use DUET to record voice memos at any time.

Work life is more convenient.

■High-quality recording circuit loop design

Low noise, low attenuation, high sensitivity circuit Design effective isolation loop noise,

provide Better recording quality, high power Sound circuit design provides more comfort

Recording record playback sound quality.

■Multiple recording interfaces

There are a variety of recording interfaces, general external lines, analog extensions, digital extensions, environmental recordings.

Conference sounds, radio, radio and so on can be.

■Automatic/manual recording

You can select automatic or manual recording, automatically record when you call, or press the record button.

Save the recording.

■Recording announcement

When calling, you can first play the [This call will be recorded] recording prompt to inform the caller

■Complete communication record

Digital recording can record the date and time of the call start, the type of call, and

Incoming/outgoing number, talk time, recording time, important record

■Multiple conditional search

Date time. Call type and phone number can quickly find recordings.


Provide multiple alarm prompts for any condition in the system

Immediately issue an alarm to avoid recording interruption

■Answer message function

DUET Beibei call answering function. Just activate this feature to answer the call.

You can also listen to new messages remotely.

■Computer integration management

USB cable or SD card reader You can play, search, and Back up, send email

E-maiI transmission

DUET searches for records based on various conditions and searches for CDR forms.

And recording data, send it by E-MAIL

■Outlook Address Book Sync

The management software for DUET can be used with the Microsoft Outlook address book.

Synchronize the live number to display the contact name.

■Backup file

You can back up the recorded voice recording and call information records in DUET to your computer or

Burn to disc

■Real time monitoring

The external line status and incoming/outgoing numbers can be monitored in real time on DUET.

■Recording backup and management

A USB cable is included,

Connect to a computer via USB and with management software,

Easy to back up your contacts and recording files

■Backup recording

Back up the recordings in the SD card to your computer.

Automatic backup or manual backup of records,

It also deletes the backed up records while backing up.

It can also be burned to a disc via a computer backup record.

■Category List

The category list can quickly view and search various types of call records.

■PC setting system parameters

The DUET parameters can be quickly set via the computer.

■Player interface

The unique waveform display has no sound at a glance. Play by software

You can also choose to repeat the recording of the recording in a fixed paragraph.