4-8 Channel voice logger (AQ Series )

4-8 Channel voice logger

AQ Series | HDD/SD Card Storage
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    AQ Series
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    The AQ series voice logger is designed by ARTECH for medium enterprises. This series offers flexible versions including 4/8 channels, with/without touch screen, and SD card/HDD. AQ Series It’s easy to install it anywhere with its lightweight design. In addition to record traditional landline, you can also record VoIP, radio intercom and live conversations in the same system.

The AQ Series voice logger allows central managing, remote operating and unlimited expansion with the latest IoT technology by ARTECH CMS. 
It will generate the reports according call status, sending it to the administrator on schedule besides call records.
The AQ is a fully stand-alone device which can be visible operated all the functions with built-in 5-inch touch screen.  
AQ series can be integrated with other systems for second-development, making it easier to use.

■All-in-One design

New AQ digital multitrack recording system, dedicated full-line phone recording

Sound host, built-in removable hard drive, no need to boot the computer

For all-weather recording, standard cabinet design is built on the machine

It's a breeze on the cabinet or on the table.

Digital recording takes longer and is more environmentally friendly

AQ can choose up to ITB recording, which can record up to 70,000 hours.

Conversation, and can continue to recycle after the hard drive is full.

The lightest and simplest, independent work without a computer

5" touch screen, no need for a computerRecord all day, play recordings, searchrecording.

High-quality recording circuit loop design

Low noise, low attenuation, high sensitivity Circuit design, effective isolation loop

News, providing better telephone recordings Quality, high power playback circuit design,

Provide more comfortable recording and playback Sound quality.

High standard 19” cabinet design

Standard 19-inch cabinet width design height 1.5U, small size does not occupy space

Easy installation, easy to use, DB37 row connector, easy to construct,

High reliability

Multiple recording interfaces

There are a variety of recording interfaces, general external lines, analog extensions, digital extensions,

Environmental recording, conference recording, radio, radio, etc. are all available.

Automatic/manual recording

Automatic or manual recording is available, automatic recording when you call or

The call recording is saved by pressing the record button.

Recording announcement

When you call, you can play the recording prompt [This call will be recorded]

The voice tells the caller.

Tonglian record

The outgoing call number of each telephone line, the date of the start of the call

Time, length of call and full recording, built-in caller ID

Display function, even if the installed switch does not have a caller ID function,

This product can record the caller's phone number.

Recorded data confidential format

The file that records the sound is confidential, only authorized persons

Use this product software to listen, even if others get the file, Playback cannot be turned on.

Multiple search criteria

Date time, call type, phone number, extension number, loop

The number can be quickly found in the recording.

System alarm

Provide a variety of warnings to alert you to any conditions in the system.

Alarms can be issued immediately to avoid recording interruption

 Tonglian status instant display monitor

Managers can see all the electricity through the computer on their desk.

The status of the voice line, and can instantly monitor the call content.

Email delivery

Search for records based on various conditions, search for CDR forms and

Record the data and send it out using E-mail.

Single pass recording

In the case of setting no recording first, when the user feels that this is powered

Words are important when you need to record, as long as you hang up before calling

Time, press the preset code from the phone, this will call

Will be completely saved on the hard drive.

Default not recording number

The system can set a specific phone number, or the extension number is not recorded.

Backup file

The recording in AQ can be backed up by manual backup/automatic backup/scheduling.

Voice recording and incoming and outgoing message recording are assigned to the computer or burned into


Call bounce window

Can set contact photo when calling

The incoming call window will appear, click on the window,

The contact information will be immediately read out.

Summary graph

Analyze daily phone traffic, as well as the amount of calls per hour, to manage

Staff deployment.

Storage management

Automatic loop recording, insufficient storage space prompts.

Multi-level user level setting

System usage rights management, one recording host can register more at the same time

User management user can manage settings through rights management

Manage the various operating usage rights of each user.

Extension record

Integrated switchboard record (SMDR) for the switchboard system, digital multitrack

The recording of the recording system clearly records that each call is made by

Which extension picks up or dials out.