2 channel USB recorder(F2)

2 channel USB recorder

F2 | USB | PC HDD based
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    F2 is the economic solution for telephone recorder by existing PC and multi-line connection. TheF2 software ARTECH recording system (client) presents not only call record but also caller ID, date, time, elapse and status. It features voice announcement and answering machine as well. All records will be saved in user’s PC, and storage capacity is per 1G for 70 hours. A single computer supports up to 4 F2 devices simultaneously. F2 provides open source API optional for integrating with external systems, making it more valuable


■Real-time monitoring

During the recording process, the sound of the two parties can be monitored synchronously from the computer sound card, 

and the call and the call quality are not affected during the monitoring process.

■Multiple rights user management

Fonkorder1 can be used by many people, and can limit the user's permission and the information

and operation rights that can be read, such as listening to recordings, deleting recordings, etc.

■Message answering function

Fonkorder1 has the function of answering and answering. As long as the recording and answering function is activated,

when there is a new incoming call, it will automatically answer according to the setting of the ringing number and activate the message function.

Of course, you can also enter the remote phone and input the remote control password to listen. New message

■Call to play the screen

You can set the contact photo. When you call, the computer will display a call screen, display the contact photo and detailed address book data.

■Outlook Address Book Synchronization

The management software matched with Fonkorder1 can synchronize the Outlook address book, which is convenient for the management of contacts.

The caller calls the contact name according to the phone number and records it in the recording file to facilitate record management.

■Email delivery

Fonkorder1 software can export the recording directly to Outlook for transmission, record detailed recording information,

and send it to the specified email address along with the recorded voice file.

■High power speaker

Fonkorder1 comes with a high-powered speaker that makes it clearer when you play the sound