Single channel telephone recorder(AR100)

System Diagram

Product Appearance

1 Speaker 2 Volume + -
3 LCD display  4 Function key
5 Function key 6 SD card slot (attention on the SD card direction)
7 External earphones 8 External microphone
9 Recording source selection
 MIC = live recording/ PHONE=phone line recording
10 RJ9 handset end
11  RJ9 phone end 12 RJ11 PHONE end (LINE in PHONE out)
13 RJ11 LINE end (LINE in PHONE out) 14 DC power supply: 5V/1A
15 USB for PC connection(card readerfunction)    

Product Specs

Item Specification
Channel 1
Line in interface RJ11
Display 1.8”monochrome displaydot matrix 128*46
Format ADPCM 32Kbps/S
Voice storage Per 1 GB for 70 hours
Max storage 32GB SD card (for 2,240hours)
Default storage 8GB SD card (for 560 hours)
Recording trigger Voltage, Voice, Manual
Off-hook voltage 3-30V
On-hook voltage 10-80V
CID INTESITY 0 dB to –32dB
Frequency response 100 Hz to 3400 Hz
Input impedance AC: 100K,DC:5.1M
S/N ratio >60dB
Signal-to-crosstalk ratio >70dB
Power Supply DC5V/1A
Rating operating current 0.2A
Max. current 0.8A
Rating power consumption 1W
Operating temperature 0℃ to 40℃
Operating Humidity 10% to 90 %
Dimension 14.5*7.2*3cm
Net weight 165g


Model No.  Channel Display Default storage Answering machine
AR100 1 1.8”monochrome display 8G SD卡 Null
AR120 1 1.8”monochrome display 8G SD卡 Yes