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4 channel USB recorder (F4)

ARTECH F Series USB Recorder


Economic & Efficient solution for phone recording

Variety models available  |  Supports max 4 devices with single PC  |  Remote operation and central backup
Multi-level authorization and management  |  Pop-up Caller ID   |   Answering machine
Black-list|Email recording file  |  API for integration available

ARTECH F series USB Recorder

Upgrade PC to Voice Logger Instantly

F Series USB recorder records all conversation over the phone to PC via USB. The PC client
software also supports to upload the audio file for answering machine greeting and recording
announcement. The full-featured API allows developers to integrate F series with existed external systems

Variety models, Stackable

Single Line/2 Lines/4 Lines/8 Lines Max 4 devices for single PC Recording max. 32 lines Simultaneously

Remote Operation Available

Connect the F series device with PC 2. Install PC client software 3. Start phone recording
It supports local and remote access and management wherever the users are

Answering Machine

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Smart PC Client Software


Devices center management supported


  • Channel 1-8 (optional)
  • Answering machine
  • Dial back
  • Encryption format
  • Inbound Caller ID
  • Central management and backup
  • CDR supported
  • Multi-lever user authorization
  • Recording announcement
  • Address book
  • Loop recording
  • Outbound numbers
  • RS232 SMDR
  • Real-time monitor
  • Whitelist address book
  • Desktop/Wall mount
  • Multi-condition record searching
  • Recording data statistics
  • Inbound call pop-up
  • Blacklist address book
  • Malfunction alert(sound, software and email)
  • Export recording files
Multi-condition recording trigger (voltage, voice, manual, polarity reversal and Continuous recording