4 channel USB recorder (F4)

System Diagram

Product Appearance

1 Status indictor
Normal: 5s interval red light blinking
2 RJ11 LINE end (LINE in PHONE out) 
3 USB for PC connection 4 RJ11 PHONE end (LINE in PHONE out)

Product Specs

Item Specification
Channel 4
Line in interface RJ11
Format ADPCM 32Kbps/S
Voice storage Per 1 GB for 70 hours
Max. recording time PC HDD based
Storage PC HDD based
Recording trigger Voltage, Voice, Manual
Off-hook voltage 3-30V
On-hook voltage 10V-80V
CID INTESITY 0 dB to –32dB
Frequency response 100 Hz to 3400 Hz
Input impedance AC: 100K,DC:5.1M
S/N ratio >60dB
Signal-to-crosstalk ratio >70dB
Power Supply USB
Rating operating current 0.2A
Max. current 0.3A
Rating power consumption 1.5W
Operating temperature 0℃ to 40℃
Operating Humidity 10% to 90 %
Dimension 22.4 x 1.60 x4.5cm
Net weight 450g


Model No. Channel Max devices for single PC
F2 2 4(can be mixed with F4/F8)
F4 4 4 (can be mixed with F2/F8)
F8 8 4 (can be mixed with F2/F4)